In order to cope with an 800 clippings-a-year benchmark, we set up a solid media relations plan. And overtook quota 1,000.


How can you raise your profile in the media, when you are already collecting lots of clippings and your PR agency is simply another PR agency? When we started working with Invesco, the leading global investment management firm, they thought changing their media relations agency could maybe add some fresh ideas. Not more.

But they soon found out they were wrong. In order to cope with the previous year’s 800 clippings benchmark, at StampaFinanziaria we set up a solid media relations plan, based on a three-steps scheme: first, creating a constant flow of information from the client; second, making that information newsworthy; third, regularly pitching top tier media in order to raise the company’s profile. At the end, the first year of PR activity produced a 40% increase in the company’s press coverage, with a long list of dedicated articles in the Italian main papers and financial broadcast media, including Sole 24 Ore – Italy’s first financial media – Corriere della sera – Italy’s most read newspaper – and financial television Class-CNBC.

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