Skilled media relations pros and former journalists with a strong track record of debuts in Italy.


Let’s start from the beginning. At StampaFinanziaria we are quite expert in beginnings. We were among the first professionals engaged in PR services for asset management companies, when mutual funds were initially introduced in Italy, in the late Eighties. We promoted the first ever Italian Real estate closed end fund, record n. 1 at the Bank of Italy, in the Nineties. We have been providing customized media relations activities for a number of companies at their debut in Italy: from asset managers like Fidelity International and Franklin Templeton to US law firm Dewey Ballantine, from consulting firm Tillinghast to the NYSE listed recruiting company Robert Half International.

We employ a proven PR methodology and a proactive approach in media relations, based on the experience of the professionals of the agency as former journalists.

Note: StampaFinanziaria means “financial press”. You can contact us at: