StampaFinanziaria partners with the Center for Corporate Biographies for their media relations activities in Italy.


The Italian Center for Corporate Biographies is the only European body devoted to studying, defining and promoting the publications issued by private and public economic organisations, in order to collect and summarise their stories and values. The Center for Corporate Biographies or OMI (Osservatorio Monografie Istituzionali d’Impresa), was created at the University of Verona and nowadays counts more than 1,000 corporate history books, published by Italian and foreign companies operating in Italy during the last 40 years. OMI also organises the Corporate History Books Award, which counts among the winners, in its three editions, companies like Branca, Vinavil, Electrolux Appliances Italy, Cartiere di FabrianoKartell, Edison and Lorenzo Marini Group.

StampaFinanziaria, which also has a relevant experience in corporate publishing and the creation of corporate history books, has been partnering with OMI for its media relations in Italy since 2014. Contact: