Jupiter, BMO and T. Rowe Price looking at Italian families’ savings

Foreign fund managers are paying growing attention to the Italian market. But they need sound advice in legal services, PR services, institutional relations.


A number of international fund managers opened an Italian branch or representative office in Q1 2016: from Jupiter Asset Management to BMO Asset Management or T. Rowe Price. “Despite the financial tensions involving Italy, fund managers are paying growing attention to one of the globally most important markets in terms of family savings”, said to newspaper La Repubblica Mr Romeo Battigaglia, partner at Simmons & Simmons law firm, “as a direct presence in Italy grants a higher commercial appeal at low costs”. But approaching the Italian market can also cause some headaches to foreign asset managers – the lawyer adds – due to red tape or health and safety rules, which appear disproportionate for local branches mainly focused on marketing activities. That is why experienced professionals are required, not only for legal requirements, but also for media relations in Italy. StampaFinanziaria not only boasts a strong track record in communication activities for the asset management industry, but also supports clients with a wide network of professionals in different areas, from legal advice to institutional relations.

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