76% of Italian banks use social media, compared to only 10% of asset management companies.

social media management

social media managementYouTube is the first social media used by Italian banks: 68% of the banks scrutinised by the Social Media survey in 2015 have their own YouTube channel. Other figures: Twitter 64%, Facebook 60%, Pinterest 14%, Foursquare 2%.

“Until a few years ago, Italian banks used to outsource their social media management activity, while today almost all the banks have an internal team dedicated to handling their social media channels”.

The survey, which considered 50 banks, reports that 76% of the Italian banks use at least one social media among their external relations tools, which also include media relations, events and sponsorships.

A completely different situation than in the Italian asset management industry: StampaFinanziaria examined about 40 asset management companies and found that only 1 out of 10 has an Italian profile in at least one social media, while more than 2,000 Italian financial advisers have a personal page on Facebook and 4,900 on Linkedin. That is why we think there are plenty of digital PR opportunities to be exploited for asset management companies addressing the Italian market.

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